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13 May 2013 @ 11:55 pm
Fang Bang Bar: Dark Mania  
Title: Fang Bang Bar: Dark Mania
Pairing: OnHo
Rating: NC-17
Chapter: One Shot
Summary: Jinki has returned to Fang Bang Bar, but there are always consequences for our actions. And this time not only are his hopes higher than heave, he just might end up there himself.
A/N: Sequel to Fang Bang Bar. I hope you enjoy ^^



The power to restrain something, like one's emotions.

Jinki had no control. His emotions flowed freely through him as he shuddered and gasped. He had no control over the way he let out high pitched whines and rocked his hips up and down. Jinki had once again lost control as his hips rolled and the amazing buzz of his sexual high took over his senses. And all he wanted was more of that feeling. The feeling that was all Minho and when every thought was Minho and that was all he wanted.


The power to influence or direct people's behavior or the course of events. Minho was in total control of the situation. He had been from the second Jinki had asked for his name at the front desk. Minho was the one guiding Jinki's willing body up and down, the one who controlled when Jinki came to climax. With every bite to the human's burning skin he was in control of whether or not Jinki was screaming at the top of his lungs or groaning lowly. He controlled their pace and Jinki's thrusts. He controlled his human's sexual high. He was Jinki's every thought and all he wanted was for Jinki to want him.

Jinki was indeed his human.

It was official...kind of.

He'd marked him nice and deep their seventh night together.

Of course his human had come back, how could he not? Minho was a drug, he knew that. A drug was addicting, something that you craved every second for every day. Minho was Jinki's obsession, he occupied the human's mind constantly, he was his mania. So much that Jinki could never resist for more than a day or two. And when the weekend came, Jinki may as well have been living at the small vampire bar.

After their first encounter, Jinki was back not the following weekend, but the following Tuesday. To give the office worker credit, he had tried his best to resist. He'd done his best to stay focused on work and to not go back. He knew that eventually he was going to go back, but he was going to stay disciplined and wait till at least Friday night. That was his goal. He must resist.

He'd let out an extremely long sigh when he stared up at the bright red sign. Fang Bang Bar. It flickered for a second, glowing off the back of his car that he leaned against. He was not supposed to be there. He was supposed to be home, working on a report that was due by Thursday. He should have gotten back in his car and driven away.

But even outside he could feel it, that magnetic pull on his body. His feet were traveling on their own as his mouth watered with expectation. Just the memory of his orgasm last time, of those black eyes traveling down his spent body, made his crotch tighten in his jeans. And those fangs, when they extended and dug in to that tender soft spot on his leg and sucked...

“Fuck my life.” Jinki croaked. He walked in to the familiar bar, hurrying up to the hostess desk.

She'd glared at him, waiting for him to speak. Jinki quickly realized she was not human. But she was not giving off a magnetic pull, instead pushing him away.

“Is Minho here?” he had squeaked. For a minute she just stared at him, her silver eyes cutting through his skull and making a brief headache hit his temples.

And then he'd felt it. The pull on his body was magnified times a hundred. He could feel his heart beating loudly in his chest and the craving that had been making his nails dig in to his knees come to it's peak.

Dear Jinki, you've returned.” Minho had licked at the shell of his ear. One breathy moan from his human and Minho knew he had Jinki right in his palm again.

Jinki had easily fallen in to the arms of the dead man and followed him in to the back. Minho was quick to strip the human down to nothing and attack the thighs he'd missed so much.

“Your skin is like honey,” Minho swirled his tongue around Jinki's perk nipples before sucking harshly. They'd only gone a small step farther that time, Minho had thrust his long fingers inside his human. He'd found a new sweet spot to bite in to as well that time. The spot right above Jinki's hip bones made the human writhe and moan.

And after they were done Minho would morph from the seducing vampire to an affectionate and possessive lover. Jinki found Minho cuddling in to the human's tired form, holding his hand while they walked to Jinki's car and giving him a sweet kiss goodbye.

So their makeshift relationship went on. Jinki kept going back for more, and Minho kept giving him more.

When Minho had finally let them go all the way, Jinki thought he'd spontaneously combust.

The amount of overwhelming heat that had coursed through his head and his body was on another level. All he could see was those coal black eyes, they were the center of his world. He could feel Minho everywhere, their bodies touching completely with little space in between. Every time Minho pushed in to Jinki's tight entrance, the human felt euphoric. Minho was his center, everything was Minho and nothing could feel better than Minho.

He'd come hard, so hard his back had bent him in half and he'd almost passed out. But the vampire had been there to catch him in ice cold arms, hold him close and kiss his sanity away.

That had been a long time ago. Now Jinki was a regular at Fang Bang Bar. He could pull up to the place and by the time he was inside, Minho was standing at the bar waiting.

“Harder, please Minho.” Jinki begged.

He tried to get that feeling he wanted, he wanted so much more of something but he wasn't sure what. Jinki tried to bring his hips down on to Minho's erection with more force, get the vampire deeper inside of him. With an abrasive growl Minho flipped them over, holding Jinki's legs open as he pounded in to him with no holding back.

It didn't seem to bother his human as he tilted his head back and bit his thick bottom lip. Minho was getting close, and the way Jinki was moaning beneath him was only bringing him closer. He sped up so fast he didn't realize he wasn't going at any human speed. Jinki's eyes opened wide in shock and his mouth fell open in surprise and pleasure. Minho had never gone this fast, it felt like his ass was being abused in the best way.

“I want more.” Jinki panted. Minho scoffed with a light chuckle, placing a sweet kiss to his human's lips. The human pouted, because that was Minho basically telling him 'no'. Jinki whined, leaning closer to the vampire and hugging the perfect body with suggestiveness. Minho held Jinki as well, but didn't make any move to make things go any further.

“Minho” Jinki whined, “get inside me, bite me something!” Jinki demanded and tried to capture Minho's lips. The vampire grabbed Jinki's jaw and gave him a long forceful kiss that gave him hope. But Minho let go with a smile and went back to simply holding Jinki.

Minho remembered the first time Jinki had walked in there, and the second and the third. He'd been such a bundle of nervousness. It was cute. Jinki had been so unsure of what to do when Minho had laid him out on the bed and had his way. Jinki had always been so willing to just follow Minho's lead.

But lately he'd been very aggressive for being Jinki.

Like today, it had started off normal enough. Now instead of being nervous, Jinki was usually excited and greeted Minho with a shy smile that made the vampire literally want to suck every drop of blood dry from him.

They'd kissed for a good long time, Minho absolutely loved Jinki's full lips he could nibble on and bruise, and then somehow...

Minho found that he was laying on his back and Jinki was on top. Something that he had not exactly planned for. But no doubt it felt amazing and his human was enjoying himself. So Minho took control of that situation and let Jinki reach his climax.

Yes, Minho let Jinki reach his climax. No matter how beautiful and delicious this human was, Minho was always going to be in control. That was the way it was always going to be. Jinki was his human, but Minho would never be Jinki's vampire. Minho belonged to no one.

Although lately it seemed Jinki thought otherwise. Trying to demand more sex right after they were done. And if Minho really wanted to, he could. He didn't grow tired like Jinki did, he could get hard again for quite a few more rounds if he really wanted to.

But Minho was in charge.

“When did you become so talkative?” Minho questioned. He laid next to his human, propped up on one elbow so he could look over the perfect nakedness of his meal. Jinki gave him a questioning look with a slight pout of confusion.

Minho wondered if maybe it wasn't that Jinki thought that he owned the vampire, but that it was the obsession of the vampire instead. That was what usually happened to the humans when they had sex with them. It was like walking across freshly laid cement. The vampires would leave their print on these weak creatures and that was it. All the humans could think about was that vampire and all they wanted was more of that vampire.

Maybe that was what it was.

The fact that they'd been having sex almost five days out of the week might have something to do with Jinki demanding more and more of Minho. His poor human couldn't help himself.

“Do you not like it when I...I...” a deep red blush covered Jinki's cheeks and ears as he muttered the last part of his sentence, “when I...moan...or say stuff...while we...do it?”

Oh his dearest Jinki.

Of course Jinki didn't think he owned Minho. He was still as shy as the first day he'd walked in, unsure of himself and nervous beyond his wits. Minho smiled and leaned down to devour all of Jinki's face, starting over his eyes and ending at his ear. He tongue fucked Jinki's ear until the human was sure to have another orgasm.

“I love the sounds you make dear Jinki, they are my absolute favorite thing.” Minho purred and continued to penetrate Jinki's ear with his mouth. He felt his human's grip on his biceps tighten and his small body started to shake. With a mental smile Minho wondered if he could make his human come just from this, so he continued with more vigor.

Jinki let out a soft broken moan when he came. He was blushing furiously at the fact that he'd come just with Minho's tongue in his ear. But it had felt strange and amazing. But then again maybe because it was Minho that it was so amazing...

~ ~ ~

Jinki tried to ignore the extremely rude stares from his coworkers. He focused on the rice and beef he had left in his small lunch tray. But it was hard to ignore them when they glared with such determination.

Jinki huffed with annoyance and met their stone faces.

“You have a problem.” Taemin quietly said. His solemn tone made Jinki want to reach across the lunch break table and slap him.

“We think you need to stop going to the vampire bar.” Key added. Jinki rolled his eyes. Since when did they get to judge? Weren't they the same people who had encouraged him to go in the first place?

“I don't think what I do outside of work is any of your business.” Jinki retorted with a soft voice. He heard Key scoff with attitude at him, and Taemin visibly leaned forward.

“Hyung, we're worried about you. You're starting to look like the living dead—no pun intended.” the youngest scowled. And what the hell did he mean by that?

“Have you looked in the mirror lately? You're not getting any sleep, you're pale as fuck, not to mention the horrible bruises all over your neck and arms.” Key added on.

Jinki didn't like the feeling of being ganged up on. And he didn't like it that they were trying to say that Minho was the reason he didn't look so good. Minho had never caused him harm like that, and it was Jinki's choice to go there.

“We're not saying stop going all together.” Taemin used a more pleasant tone. His sentence made Jinki nod but stay quiet.

“We're just saying...don't go so often? You are wasting thousands of dollars there. You should be more responsible right? And maybe you could come hang out with us? We miss you.” the youngest smiled gently.

Jinki couldn't be that mad anymore. It was true that he hadn't been hanging out for the usual drink after work because he was either driving over to Fang Bang Bar or running home to get all his work done and try to catch up on sleep.

He honestly missed his friends. And they didn't seem to be judging him and attacking him the way he'd initially thought. They were worried, and they missed him. Harmless.

“I mean, I can come over tonight, if that's okay?” he checked. Both of his friend's faces beamed automatically, telling him about a new movie they'd rented for the evening. Taemin even offered Jinki the couch to crash on for the night, Key was planning on getting everyone wasted after all.

“Are you sure?” Key checked right before leaving the break room, “today is Friday you know.” he warned.

For a second a hot wave of panic shot through Jinki.

It was Friday.

Jinki always went to Fang Bang Bar on Friday. During the week it depended on how busy he was, and Minho seemed to be very understanding of that. But the weekend? He could recall countless times the vampire had hissed in to Jinki's ear for being extremely late or uncharacteristically slow.


Minho would be expecting him.

But...he'd just promised his friends...and...it wasn't like he and the vampire were actually in a relationship. Right?

Jinki paid for Minho's services.

There were plenty of people Minho could sleep with. Jinki hadn't hung out with his friends for a long time. He deserved a night off.


Where had that word come from? Deserved. As in Minho owned him? As in Jinki worked for Minho? No. That was incorrect. Jinki was a free man, he didn't need Minho's permission to go out with his friends from work. He didn't have to deserve anything...right?

“It's fine. Not like he owns me.” Jinki laughed lightly. Key smiled and then left. Jinki sat in the break room for a few seconds more.

Even though he said that...

Why did it feel like Minho did in fact own him?

Why did it feel like his heart, body and mind all belonged to the vampire with coal black eyes?

~ ~ ~

Annoyance. Impatience. Anger.

These were not Minho's usual emotions on a Friday night.

“Choi, you got one looking at you.” he heard Jonghyun walk up from behind him.

“I'm busy.” he snapped back. But he knew what his friend was talking about. There was a young man sitting at a booth by himself, he'd been watching Minho with anxious eyes in hopes that the vampire would notice him.

“You can't wait for sexy thighs all night. Look, the kids like a small puppy, take him already.” Jonghyun urged. Minho finally stole a glance at the boy.

He was young, much younger that Jinki was. Small gentle eyes stared back and a small smile greeted him. Any other night he would have swooped over and taken the boy right there in the booth, sucking on the pale skin and pumping the boy's cock until he came. Right there in that booth.

He probably tasted sweet; Minho could hear his healthy heart beat and that usually meant a nice feed. But this wasn't any other night. This was Friday.

And where the fuck was his human?

“He's got a ton of money too. Look at him, so tiny and frail. Betcha he makes sweet little noises.” Jonghyun snickered.

Minho was sure he did, and his instinct and lust told him to go over and find out.

But it was Friday. His human was supposed to be there.

He waited. He stood idle in the corner of the bar, watching as other humans and vampires and other things went in and out. When ten o'clock struck, there was still no Jinki, and he was getting rather thirsty.

His eyes slowly descended upon the little puppy that still waited patiently. Still sitting in that booth and looking at Minho with longing eyes.

The hunger for blood began to rise. He could hear the puppy's steady pulse, and the way it quickened whenever Minho let his and the puppy's eyes meet. The puppy smelled like gentle cologne, his breath was minty and his sex was innocent. The smell was inviting.

“Kim,” Minho called out. Wherever the shorter vampire had been before, he wasn't anymore. Jonghyun appeared next to Minho with an eager grin. The freak of nature had probably been waiting for the taller vampire to give in to his need to feed.

“Remember the old games we used to play?” he asked Jonghyun. The shorter vampire chuckled. That was all the information he needed. It was then confirmed, they were both going to have fun with the innocent eyed boy for the night.

Slowly the two dead men made their way towards the young boy. The puppy began to tremble slightly. He hadn't been expecting the dark and handsome to be joined by another. With two vampires approaching him, the puppy's heart beat began to bang in his slender chest.

“I call his neck.” Jonghyun growled right as they reached the booth. They looked down at the puppy. He seemed to be slightly afraid now that he had two powerful creatures looming over him. Minho sat down next to him first, a flash of movement to his human eyes. Jonghyun scurried under the table, out of the puppy's sight in the blink of an eye.

Name.” Minho ordered. The poor puppy whimpered.


The puppy yelped suddenly and tried to jump up and away. Something was bothering him from underneath the table. Minho could only guess what it was.

Jonghyun had a thing for molesting his prey. He was probably under the table and already working on Kyungsoo's lower region.

Don't struggle” Minho ordered. He mentally pushed his influence on the younger boy. Immediately Kyungsoo's muscles relaxed and he sank down in the cushions of the booth. His wide eyes closed and his mouth fell open.

Minho heard an audible slurp from under the table, confirming his idea of what Jonghyun was doing. He pressed his body against the puppy and breathed in his scent. Oh he was so young and so fresh.

“You're going to taste so sweet” he licked the boy's open mouth softly. Kyungsoo began breathing hard, small little noises falling from his pliant lips. Jonghyun had been right, Kyungsoo made wonderful noises. Minho dived in to suck on the plush lips and shove his tongue in the moaning mouth.

The puppy was so needy, so vulnerable and so tasty.

“Let's take him back. I'm hungry.” Minho spoke to his companion from below. He didn't want to waste time. This human wasn't his. This human was only for feeding purposes. He didn't want to wait and seduce the puppy, he just wanted to drink.

He continued to assault Kyungsoo's open mouth with his tongue. He heard Jonghyun grunt in agreement. Both vampires were off of the boy suddenly and once again standing in front of the booth. It took Kyungsoo a few seconds to collect himself before meeting the hungry gazes of the two men before him.

Jonghyun stepped forward with an evil smirk and offered his hand. And little Kyungsoo took it.

“Please don't hurt me” the puppy whispered with his wide eyes as he stood up to walk with them. Jonghyun let out a deep chuckle and plucked the boy in to the air and brought him against his chest. He carefully licked the boys neck, marking the spot he'd surely bite in to later,

Don't worry doll face. I'm just gonna fuck you and bite you for a little bit.” the shorter vampire whispered in to Kyungsoo's ear. The boy moaned and writhed in the Jonghyun's arms. The dead man was taking over his mind, making the boy feel pleasure coursing through his body with out even being touched, “but I think you want to be hurt, don't you? You want us to hurt you so good.” Jonghyun purred lowly.

Kyungsoo's cheeks turned pink as he whined and his body shuddered. Jonghyun followed Minho to the back. They three of them went past the deep red curtain and down to Jonghyun's room. The two vampires didn't even give Kyungsoo a chance to take in his surroundings and carelessly tossed him on to the bed.

The puppy was stripped with in seconds. The two hungry men looked at the smooth pale meal before them. The boy was smaller in body size compared to them, his black hair was a striking contrast against his skin.

“How old are you?” Minho asked with curiosity. At first he'd assumed that puppy was just younger than his human but...now that he got a good look the meal he seemed to be very young. Too young in fact.

“S-seventeen.” Kyungsoo blushed. His small hands trailed down to cover up his body that was displayed to the vampires. Jonghyun jumped to the hand and whacked it away, leaning down and inhaling the boys raw smell.

“He's fucking illegal,” Jonghyun chuckled with delight, making his way up the trembling body. Minho joined them on the bed, shedding his usual leather jacket and making quick work of his pants as well.

Maybe in the human world little Kyungsoo was off limits. But not in their world.

If anything, it made Kyungsoo far more desirable. Toying with things they weren't supposed to was a vampire's number one turn on.

The two vampires took their previous positions on Kyungsoo's body, Jonghyun sucking the boys erection and Minho swallowing his moans. Kyungsoo gasped and thrashed back and forth, trembling when Minho nibbled and sucked at the perk nipples. The poor baby didn't realize what he'd gotten himself in to until that moment. He was terribly scared, because his small frail life and body was in their hands. But then again, which each pump of Jonghyun's mouth and each enticing scratch that Minho's talons left, he wasn't so scared. More like terribly turned on.

They pulled Kyungsoo up, his body like jello as they made him kneel on the bed. Jonghyun moved in front of him and Minho behind him. Jonghyun took his time with attacking the puppy's lips while Minho quickly reached down to grope the perky ass. Kyungsoo felt so surrounded and cold, their ice cold bodies rubbed against him with vigor and their mouths and hands were everywhere. The shorter vampire wrapped his hand around Kyungsoo's leaking erection and pulled a long moan out of the human.

The puppy had to grab on to Jonghyun's shoulders to balance himself when two large cocks pushed at him from the back and the front. Minho slid his hot member in between Kyungsoo's tight cheeks, dry humping the human. While Jonghyun gripped his own erection and rubbed it against Kyungsoo's, enjoying the velvet smooth feeling of their members rubbing together. Kyungsoo's head fell back on Minho's shoulder as he whimpered in pleasure, thrusting his hips back and forth as each vampire growled heavily on to him.

The sound of Kyungsoo's pulse began to throb loudly, the rush of his blood swept up both of the vampire's nostrils and made them flare. Kyungsoo didn't see it, but two sets of black eyes on him suddenly gleamed a heavy silver. The two men silently exchanged glances as their mouths fell open and their fangs extracted themselves.

Jonghyun once again swept his tongue over the large vein in Kyungsoo's neck, groaning with anticipation of the warm liquid that seemed to get hotter as he got closer.

Kyungsoo gasped suddenly and his nails dug themselves in to Jonghyun's shoulders when the first shot of pain racked his body.

The shorter vampire sucked greedily at the blood that bloomed from his bite, tugging the small body away from Minho and pulling Kyungsoo against his chest. Minho knew better than to try and take Kyungsoo back, not while a fellow vampire was feeding.

Jonghyung tightened his hold on the pale body, his silver eyes staring off in to empty space as he drank what he wanted. Kyungsoo's whines of discomfort quickly morphed in to moans of pleasure, and soon he was begging for more.

When the shorter vampire slowly let Kyungsoo fall to the bed, Minho knew it was his turn.

While Jonghyun spread Kyungsoo's legs and began to molest his erection again, Minho quickly picked up the puppy's left arm and brought his thin wrist to his lips.

“More,” the puppy begged suddenly.

Something snapped in Minho.

Just with that one little demand, beg, word, whatever. 'More'. Just as his human would ask every single fucking time they were together. Like what he gave Jinki wasn't enough. Like letting Jinki come three times wasn't enough.

Fucking Jinki wasn't enough.

Sucking him off wasn't enough.

Marking him wasn't enough. Always more. Jinki always wanted more.

And yet he couldn't even show up on Friday that little filthy human.

Oh he would give him so much more.

Minho's fangs quickly extended and pierced through the soft skin. His mouth was instantly full of the hot blood that flowed down his throat and coated it in pleasure.

He sucked harshly and lapped up the red liquid messily, not bothering to care when some of it dripped down Kyungsoo's arm and on to the bed.

When he heard Kyungsoo's pulse weaken, he figured it was the time to stop. But no. Minho wanted more. Just like Kyungsoo wanted more, Minho wanted more.

So he continued to suck, pulling the life source right out of the puppy.

Stupid little puppy wanting to play with vampires. Didn't he know they just wanted to fuck him, suck him and then kill him? Stupid adorable little puppy.

“Choi stop you'll turn him.” he heard Jonghyun warn in a low tone. His voice was lowered so that only Minho could hear him. But it didn't really matter then, because the light in Kyungsoo's eyes was beginning to fade. He wasn't hearing the world around him anymore. He was slowly losing the feeling of his body, slowly coming undone.

Minho had never created his own vampire. He'd never been a maker before.

But if he was going to make one, Kyungsoo would not be his first.

He let the arm of the puppy fall to the bed with a light thud. The silver in his eyes retreating back to a pitch black. Even though Minho had released him, Kyungsoo didn't make any sudden movements. The puppy's breath was shallow and his eyes dangerously lidded and heavy.

“I'm done.” Minho huffed and got off of the bed. Jonghyn was glaring childishly at him with his eyes still silver.

“You better not have ruined all the fun! I told you I like the noises he makes!” the shorter vampire called as Minho rolled his eyes, got dressed and left the room.

He was done with his feed, and that was all he'd needed the boy for.

The only thing he wanted now was to sate the lust in his abdomen that called for attention. He had a different type of hunger. One that made the fresh blood he'd just had pool till it was low, hot, and incredibly hard.

Minho wanted his dear Jinki.

He wanted Jinki moaning and writhing beneath him until he was satisfied.

It had been a few years since Minho had gone out on an actual hunt. Back in the day that's what he'd had to do to feed every few nights. Of course the last few years, the sheep had waltzed right in to the lions den and sacrificed themselves.

But before all that, Minho remembered the many years of sneaking in to the night, sometimes even Jonghyun by his side, and blending in with the shadows as he watched his prey.

Stepping out of the bar, Minho inhaled deeply and emptied his mind and his other senses. The shine of the moonlight on his skin excited him. He concentrated on the scent of his human. That distinct scent; the cologne Jinki wore and the smell of crisp papers from his office with the faintest hint of blue ink.

That was his human, that was dearest Jinki.

My dear Jinki,” Minho's eyes lit up once again with the gleaming glow of the silver as his senses locked on to the scent, which was only a few miles West. Minho's mouth watered just with that scent and he purred possessively, “I found you.”

Portertrinkdufreak on May 14th, 2013 04:59 am (UTC)
lethallycutelethallycute on May 14th, 2013 05:16 am (UTC)
The "I found you" Part always gives me chills. Im so excited omg I feel like I wrote it lol thats how excited I am for this right here.

The lion is going to devour his sheep. Oh ho ho!!!!
oconjeoconje on May 14th, 2013 02:54 pm (UTC)
Woot, so happy you're bck to writing Onho and more of Fang Bang Bar! This is even better than expected. But im afraid for Jinki. Minho, please be gentle!
charliebnimcharliebnim on May 14th, 2013 10:33 pm (UTC)
damn !!! :p muahahahahah