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01 February 2013 @ 01:46 am
Fang Bang Bar  
Title: Fang Bang Bar
Pairing: OnHo
Rating: R (blowjob)
Chapter: One Shot
Summary: Jinki knows what he wants. He finally has the courage to go after it. There is one, and only one, vampire bar in his small town. Jinki walks in with his head held high, and his hopes and desires higher than heaven.
A/N: yes I gave in to the vampireness of fiction. and I suck at it thank you very much.


He had planned to act cool and collected. His original plan had been to walk in, his dark eyeliner masking his eyes and cloaked in his black outfit, and stay confident and try to emit a sexy vibe. 
And for a short while his plan had seemed bullet proof. A few hungry eyes had followed him as he made his way from the front door to the bar that had black marble and a purple light glowing dimly to add to the dark theme of the club. 

Fang Bang Bar the words glowed in red, and Jinki walked in with his head held high.

He knew what he was getting in to when he was getting ready that night. When he purposely wore a loose sheer black tank top, black skinny jeans that fit like a glove, black combat boots he could barely walk in, and a studded belt buckle that took him five minutes to figure out how the hell to get on. He knew what he was doing. He highly anticipated what he was doing. 

He felt that small buzz of excitement that was making his face glow as he ran the black pencil over his lids and gently brushed his fingers over it to make them smokey. He kept smiling while his feet couldn't keep still as he styled his hair in a different manner, using the mousse he'd borrowed from Kibum to tousle his hair gently and create alluring waves. He tried to keep his exhilaration to a minimum when he'd slipped just his photo I.D. and a few twenty dollar bills in to his pocket, his car keys in hand as he left his apartment and made his way to the infamous vampire bar. 
It had just opened up, and he had been dying to try it, but had been too nervous to do so. He worried just like everyone else that was interested but not daring enough. What if he was raped and killed? His body left dry and cold in the back of the alley? 

It had been over a decade since the vampires came out publicly. It had taken five years for them to start opening up businesses, like stores and clubs. It was about three months ago that the first vampire bar had opened up in his mediocre town. People had been timid about it, cautious and unwilling. And so had he. Until his friends slash co-workers came running up to him with big smiles on their faces and plenty of stories to tell.

His friends from work had gushed about what an amazing time they'd had, showing off their bruised necks and the small dots of scabs. Taemin had flaunted not only the bite mark on his neck, but also the sensual scratches that designed his small hips nicely. A female vampire had taken a liking to him, he'd told Jinki how she had taken care of him, how he oddly felt safe with her as she shielded him from other vampires who had tried to get at him. They'd had a drink or two, gone to a private booth in the back, and things had gotten a little frisky from there. But afterward she'd been kind enough to walk him out to the front desk where he paid for his drinks and his events with her, and even walked him back to his car.

“It was so thrilling! Hyung you have to know what it feels like when your blood is like...sucked out of you, and she was using her hands on me! God she was so fucking pretty, and so nice too!” 
Kibum didn't hesitate to try and out do him, pulling up his shirt while they rested in the company's break room. He displayed several ugly bruises on his chest and back. One that rested on his left hip, another on his shoulder, one more on his neck, and the most surprising one was over his heart.
“He was sucking blood straight from my heart. My fucking heart.” it was the least purple-ish compared to others. Apparently vampires still understood that humans needed their hearts to keep beating. So the one that had drank from Kibum the previous night had only taken small suckles every now and then, never taking too much, but taking enough to make Kibum keel over and submit, and let the vampire pound in to him until they were both satisfied.

They told him he would have the best time, that he would be safe, and that there was nothing to worry about. And that was all the information he needed. 

When his mother called to check in on him, he didn't exactly tell her he was going to a vampire bar that night...yeah he had lied. Something about going to over to Taemin's to watch a soccer game and hang with the guys or some shit. He knew she'd freak out on him and lecture on and on about these demons and how they could seduce you and kill you blah blah blah...

But he kept telling himself that his friends had made it out alive, so why couldn't he? It was no big deal, he told himself, he would go in and see what the big deal was and get his little dark fantasy out of the way, and then leave. That was his overall plan.

But now he was sitting at the bar, drink in hand, and staring back at a pair of curious dark eyes. And everything he'd thought had gone out the window and was now lost somewhere in the midnight skies. 

He'd ordered his drink, gingerly looking around at the place. It was not well lit for human eyes, then again that was probably the point, only a few lamps here and there dimly radiated a soft yellow. There were no windows to be seen, and if you looked straight up you could see fake cobwebs lining the rafters in a gray mess. The booths were black, the tables were black, the floor was black, and the walls were black. If it weren't for the purple light at the bar that stood out from the rest, Jinki probably would have stood at the entrance all night too scared to try to find his way around the place. But luckily it was, and he happily seated himself on one of the stools and ordered a drink. When the bartender asked what he wanted, he tried to be cool like a complete idiot and answered, “Surprise me.”

Luckily the bartender was human from the looks of it and smirked, quickly fixing him something in a medieval looking glass. It was thick and red (oh haha he got it) and sweet, the tint of alcohol almost dismissed by the thick sap. He sipped the glass carefully because he didn't want to get wasted in here just yet nor look like a moron if he spilled it with all his nerves racking his brain, and then he'd had the sudden urge to look to his right.
And there they were, those curious dark eyes. 

He couldn't look away, they were so intense and it felt like he was being pulled toward them. They had a nice shape, he noticed, a simple streak of black lashes lining the top lid but not bothering with the bottom. The pupils seemed to be black, the blackest of black, but then the eyes had moved from left to right so quick he thought he missed it. If it hadn't been for the silver flash that shone on those black pupils he wouldn't have known they had moved at all. 

Those eyes were looking at his eyes, and for god sake he couldn't look away. Not when the eyes smirked in amusement, or when they racked over his body slowly and boldly, not when they finally blinked after a long while and some words seemed to come out from behind them. He couldn't.

“You've never been here before.” the eyes said, and didn't ask. He nodded, no words coming to thought.

The eyes continued to stare at him, and he his heart notified him that they had gotten closer. 

Finish your drink. It's not tasty when it’s warm.” the eyes commanded, and Jinki obediently began chugging down the rest of the sweet red sap, his eyes never leaving those shining black ones. 

When he was done, he finally noticed the face and body attached to the eyes. 
It was like he was slowly brought out of some kind of spell, one minute there was a strong gravitational pull keeping his eyes hypnotized, the next he was able to pull away just a bit and focus again.

It was a man staring at him, and like the rest of their surroundings he was cloaked in black. Not in the same way of course. He looked dangerous, mysterious, deadly and sexy. 

His whole aura was inviting, but inviting one to play with death in the most exhilarating-nerve-wracking way. His smirk was enticing; his body dared you to come just a bit closer. His studded black boots looked lethal on their own. The black pants he was wearing seemed a little too tight to breathe in. Jinki tried not to stare in between the folds of the man's leather jacket at the smooth expanse of skin, a little too pale to be human, a little too perfect to be real, and the sculpture of a body that didn't even move to breath and all Jinki wanted to do was touch.

The man had intense black hair, almost as dark was his eyes, it was long and wavy, a sort of skater-bad boy-rocker type-do. It framed his face in a sexy way; Jinki gripped his hands to his side so he wouldn't reach out and touch. All he wanted to do while looking at this man was touch and touch and feel and touch. Maybe lick, but mostly touch.

“You smell delicious.” the man breathed on him, creeping closer inch by inch. Every nerve in Jinki's body screamed run, get away, and flee. His hormones whined and moaned wanting him to be so much closer. He gulped audibly, not exactly knowing what to say.

Your name.” the man ordered, and Jinki's mouth went dry. The man quirked an eyebrow in question of the silence, waiting for an answer.

“J-Jinki.” he spat out quickly. The man—no vampire Jinki noted as the a full set of teeth were displayed in a grin, two very sharp canines shooting out—nodded and inched a bit closer. Any other day he would have had a problem with someone being this close to him. Especially a stranger. But this vampire was a different entity all together. His body screamed sex and desire, and Jinki wanted to comply. And what was that smell? That amazingly alluring smell that was wrapping around his senses and coating his thoughts in a misty fog. He liked this scent, no he loved this scent. It set his fingertips on fire and made his heart trip in its beats. A small part of his sanity told him it was coming from the vampire, purposely poisoning him, but his body really didn't care.

“Jinki.” the vampire hissed with joy. Had his fangs become longer? He swore he saw a tongue peek out and lick those incredibly plush lips. And god the way he said his name, Jinki, like it was forbidden and the vampire had found such pleasure in saying it. 

“Y-your nnname?” Jinki squeaked, and trembled just a bit when the vampire's mouth closed and he smirked endearingly.

“You may call me Minho, my dear Jinki.” the vampire bowed his head slightly. For a fraction of a second Jinki wondered what century he was originally born in to have the manners to bow his damn head, but was distracted by the way the vampire purred 'my dear Jinki', like it was a long lost language on his pretty lips. He probably could have come to climax if the vampire came a little closer and moaned his name in his ear for a good long while...no not probably, definitely. 

“Are we going to sit here all night, or can I give you what you came here for?” the vampire's hot breath was very close now; Jinki felt a small shock of cold hit his hips. He realized their bodies were flush against each other. The vampire had discretely pinned him to the bar, hands on either side of him (were those black claws he saw?) and breathing on him like he was food. Jinki whimpered with a deep breath as Minho smelled him like an animal smelt its prey, tasting the fear on its tongue and its mouth watering as a result. 

“Because I really want to give you what you came here for,” the vampire growled. Jinki actually let out a small moan when the man ran a sharp black nail across his collar bones and up his neck. His body ached for breath as Minho finally leaned in and whispered right on his lips, “Let me give you what you came here for dear Jinki,” his sanity was roughly tugged at, holding on by a thin string.

“Let me defile that dark fantasy of yours in every way.” 

His sanity was being strangled by that thin string, slowly losing its grasp.

Submit to me.” 

His sanity was dead. 

He moaned quietly when Minho's tongue flicked out and drew a long line across his own lips. Jinki opened his mouth willingly, panting shamelessly as Minho's tongue continued to lick his mouth like a hungry beast. He groaned when Minho tilted his face to the side, a long draw of his tongue along Jinki's jaw before he placed an open mouthed kiss all over his ear and his temple. Minho yanked Jinki's hips forward and met them with a grind of his own hips. Jinki gasped loudly and Minho finally attacked his lips with a heavy chuckle that vibrated against Jinki's body. 

Minho's lips were very cold compared to Jinki's whole body temperature, but they were extremely smooth and plush. His mouth went slack as he let the vampire guide his tongue and mouth, opening it so that he could explore his mouth and massage his tongue. Jinki whined in pleasure when Minho gave a quick nip to his bottom lip and then lapped up the small drop of blood that bloomed from his skin.
Suddenly Minho was off of him, a whole arm’s length away, leaving Jinki a mess and leaning against the bar counter for support. His mouth hung open and watched the vampire lick his lips in delight, the most uncanny grin stretching on lips and unfolding his fangs to full extension. They were long and white, sparkling and sharp. Jinki wanted those fangs deep in his skin; he wanted them to draw blood from his fucking heart. 


Minho motioned with a quick gesture of his head and began to walk backwards from the bar. Jinki's brain didn't have time to even think about moving, his legs just began to follow the alluring man that seemed to almost be floating backwards in to the back of the bar. 

Reaching the back of the bar, there was wide deep red curtain. Minho whisked back to Jinki's side and pulled him close, the same shock of cold making his body go rigid in anticipation.

“Stay by my side. Don't make eye contact with others.” Minho eyes seemed to shift to a shade darker, commanding Jinki listen carefully and obey. He could only nod, and follow as Minho stepped in front of him, but reached a hand back to hold on to Jinki's belt and tug him along. And they stepped through the red curtains and in to the back.

Jinki's heart was beating chaotically, knowing that once he stepped through those curtains he couldn't look back. But he tried to steady his heartbeat, because he knew what he was doing, he knew that from the minute he had asked to borrow Kibum's mousse. 

He could be okay, he would be safe, and there was nothing to worry about. 

And when Minho tugged Jinki a bit closer and reached around to make the human's arms encircle his waist snugly, he felt his worries come to an end. 

Just like Taemin had said, he felt oddly safe.

The back was a long hallway that extended out to both the left and the right. The way to the left there were five or so rooms, and then an ending door clearly marked as an emergency exit. To the right were another five rooms, and then a sharp turn to the left. The lighting was brighter back here; the lights shined a more white-yellow. Although it was clouded by the heavy mist of smoke from cigarettes, it was comforting to be in a brighter atmosphere. The walls were a deep read, the doors a plain brown with golden numbers on them. Minho walked to the right and made his way down and turned to the left when the hallway shifted. 

“Hey Choi, wanna share tonight?” a deep husky voice purred in to Jinki's ear.

He yelped in surprise and made to turn around to see who it was. But he felt Minho's body shift and suddenly they were facing the opposite way with Jinki's back pinned to the wall and Minho right arm stretched over his torso. The vampire had his knees bent and a very scary noise was escaping through his teeth. It was somewhere between a growl and a hiss. The vampire was facing a shorter man with brown hair and eyes just as black as Minho's. This vampire may have been shorter but he had packs of muscles stuffed up his arms and abdomen. He was shirtless, his intricate tattoo design lapped around his left arm a few times before spreading out over his well-defined chest. He had a smirk in place as he licked his lips, making full eye contact with Jinki.

“Fuck off Kim.” Minho warned, and made another threatening sound. The man whipped out a pair of his own fangs and hissed back as his eyes shifted to the taller vampire. 

“You think you can keep him all to yourself? His blood smells so good I caught a waft before he even came back here. I'll do a threesome if it means he's in between us.” the other vampire's eyes locked with Jinki's again. His mouth was parted with his white fangs hanging out, and his whole pupil had turned bright silver.

“You're fucking sexy. Wanna be my little fuck toy tonight?” the vampire smiled. The same gravitational pull he had felt before with Minho came again. His body began to move forward.
“Just to be in between those thick thighs of yours, oh the things I would do. You'd enjoy my cock trust me.” the vampire's voice was echoing in his mind and his dick throbbed with the mental pictures sweeping through his imagination. A loud hiss and a rough push to his chest awakened him from his daze. Minho was growling louder, and in return the vampire named Kim growled back.

“Unless you want your dick bitten off, I suggest you go away. He's mine.” Minho's arm pushed Jinki back against the wall to stop him.

“Promise to suck before you bite?” the vampire challenged with a cocky smirk. 

“Jonghyun, he's mine. Go find your own.” Minho asserted this by bringing Jinki once again close to his back. Jinki's arms immediately wrapped around the vampire's waist and snuggled in to the taller man's form. He closed his eyes and inhaled that lovely scent that poisoned his senses. His fingers felt the cold skin on the vampire's abdomen, and his hands spread out to explore the extremely smooth skin beneath it.

“Oh bullshit, he's not yours until he's in your room moaning your name.” he heard a few footsteps before Minho's back vibrated with another roar to stay away. The footsteps stopped and he heard the other vampire's voice again.

“Whatever Choi. You can have him tonight, but I can't promise the next time he comes, I won't be the one sucking him, and I mean both ways when I say that.” a dark chuckle followed these words. After that he heard retreating footsteps and he felt Minho's back loosen and relax. 

“What did I tell you about making eye contact with others?” the vampire complained as they continued to make their way back down the hallway. 

With his head still rested on Minho's back, he thought he sensed a bit of worry from the vampire. He wondered if vampires actually worried about the humans they seduced, and Jinki suddenly felt very guilty for the eye contact he'd made with the Kim vampire. Even if they had powers he did not, he still felt bad if it meant he'd made Minho upset somehow, “Sorry.” he muttered. 

Minho didn't answer, but Jinki felt cold hands squeeze his warm ones tighter.

They finally stopped at a door, 17 stood out in gold metal against the plain brown. In a split second Jinki was inside the room and he heard the door being shut behind him. 

The room was dark, lit by black lights. A queen sized bed was pushed in to the left corner with black sheets and black pillows neatly tucked on to it. There was a plain wooden dresser on the right, a slim mirror above it. In the high right corner was a medium sleek black television. On to his far right a small brown door stood, which he assumed led to a bathroom. The room was so dark and plain. But Jinki understood that there was no need for extravagance or luxury in a time like this. People came here to indulge in dark fantasies. The darkness only added to the mood of sexuality and sinful desires, the basics were provided for the human functions and that was all that was needed. 

“Do you want to me start undressing you or do you want to do that yourself?” the voice of sex asked from behind him. Jinki turned around and felt his mouth go dry at the sight before him. It wasn't much of difference technically, but to Jinki's eyes it was a whole new world. Minho had gotten rid of the leather jacket; out of the corner of his eyes he could see the black article of clothing with a dull shine on top of the dresser. 

Before him stood a very shirtless Minho, his rock smooth upper body on full display. His pelvis was visible, his tight black pants clinging just below his hips. His mouth literally began to water. Minho grinned with a sexy glint in his eyes. He placed his hands behind his head, making his already defined muscles maneuver and rearrange themselves in the most enticing way. 

“You like what you see?” the vampire's white fangs glided out and over his bottom lip. Jinki made a sort of gasping moan sound instead of verbally replying. The vampire liked this, and then floated forward until his chest hit the humans. Jinki fell back on to the bed and watched with hooded eyes as the vampire hovered over him and with the flick of his hands, removed Jinki's pants all together.

“Holy shit.” Jinki gasped in surprise as the thrill ran over his skin. Minho hovered lower, his face gliding along Jinki's stomach before he bit down on the sheer tank top. There was an audible rip and the cold shock of the air hitting his skin openly. Minho had bitten...or ripped?...his shirt off. He was left only in his tight boxer briefs. 

Minho began to hover lower, and Jinki tried to stay impossibly still when he felt a rush of air over his hardening dick. He was so hard because he was so turned on. He was so turned on because Minho was so fucking sexy.

Open your legs.” the vampire's voice whispered. Jinki didn't hesitate. Maybe he looked a bit desperate but he didn't care. He spread his legs wide and then continued to try and stay absolutely still.
The dip of the bed sent his heart flying, he hissed when the air hit his erection. A cold touch to his inner thigh made the air in his throat tremble. He let out quick breaths right before the smallest prick of pain stabbed his skin. It was only for a split second, the pain, and then he felt something else.

Like his life was being drained.

Like he was floating above the world and nothing could touch him. A light haze running over his 
body that tingled his senses and made his spine bend backwards.

Minho was sucking his blood, from his thigh. A fucking vampire was sucking his fucking blood from his inner thigh. He was sucking on his skin. And licking it. And sucking it with those full lips. 

The sensual moans that were spilling from Jinki's lips were so loud he was sure everyone in his town would be able to hear him. And they'd know that Jinki was doing an unfathomable thing with an evil creature. And Jinki wouldn't care. 

He was losing absolute control. He slid his fingers in to that black thick hair and moaned loudly. He cried out when Minho switched over to the other thigh, he gasped when the vampire moved up to his pelvis. Yes this was his dark fantasy. This was what he'd been dreaming about. This was what he'd come to Fang Bang Bar for. The second he'd heard about the vampires, how they were masters of seductions and Gods of sex. He'd thirsted for it. He'd wanted it so bad. 

And now it was real, it was amazing and he wanted it to never to end.

Dear Jinki” the vampire's hand wrapped around his throbbing dick. The chill of the vampire's skin coming in contact with his hot erection made him whine and shiver in joy. Then the gorgeous man started to slowly please his hot member. He did it slowly and for a very long time.
The sensation was amazing, the vampire took his time covering Jinki's whole length with saliva and then moving back down to draw blood again from his thigh. Constantly going up to suck his dick and then back down to nibble at the skin that was definitely going to bruise. 

God he'd never known his inner thighs could be a sweet spot. Every time Minho went back down to kiss and drink from those same spots Jinki thought for sure he'd come. It was like the vampire knew already where to go and how to work for a moan or cry. 
The only thing Jinki could do was lay there and take it. He didn't think he'd be able to do anything if he even tried. It was like being drugged. This heavy weight was all over his body and he was left so breathless he could only lay there and make sweet noises that urged the head of dark hair to keep going. But the weight felt good. So good.

When he started reaching his peak he tried to warn Minho. As the warming ecstasy made him toss his head back and forth he tried to call out to Minho.
In a second the vampire was face to face with him again. He kissed him hungrily and hard. How foolish of Jinki to try and warn him. Like Minho didn't already know. 

Minho tilted his head down to Jinki's ear, and he felt a wet soft lick over his ear as a command was whispered in to his mind.
Come.” the words demanded. Just like that his abdomen coiled low and he sighed in satisfaction, his toes curled and he gripped on to the marble shoulders of the man above him, right as he released on to his stomach.
Jinki felt like he could die this way. 

He would be perfectly fine if death decided to take him at that very moment. Never in his life was he so...relaxed? Satisfied?

“That was amazing.” his voice was hoarse. He looked up to see Minho lying next to him; his head perched in his hand. He was surprised to see Minho show an actual full smile, like he was proud of himself. Jinki could only smile back. 

“You have the sweetest skin.” the vampire complimented him. On cue Jinki felt Minho's cold fingers lazily drag themselves over his upper legs. His body shuddered a bit. Minho's touch alone was sending heat back to his dick. The thought that popped in to his mind was so quick he didn't realized he'd already said it out loud.

“I want more.” his body automatically rolled over to get closer to the being who would give him what he wanted. A hard push to his shoulder put him back in his place, and he stared up with confusion at the stone-faced Minho.

“Not tonight my dear Jinki.” the vampire whispered. Jinki wondered why? What could be so bad about wanting more of that feeling? And they hadn't done that much when he really thought about it. Minho had spent the whole time going down on him. 
Jinki wanted everything. He wanted to do everything that could possibly be done. His hands reached up and entangled themselves in Minho's hair. He leaned upwards to kiss full cold lips and sighed when Minho's tongue licked him lightly.

“I can't. Not tonight.” Minho said again and pushed Jinki back down. He actually pouted up at the vampire. 

“Why not?” Jinki asked and tried to get another kiss. The dark chuckle that made his heart beat came out again, Minho's pupils turned bright silver.

“You're very tempting dear Jinki. But I don't want you to turn insane.” Minho snatched Jinki's hand that had been trying to grab at the vampire's neck. A long lick to his fingertips made Jinki's eyes roll back.

“Insane?” he questioned with a long breath. Minho nodded while licking Jinki's pulse. 

“If I take you now, all you'd think about was me. You'd only want to have sex. Ever. You'd think of nothing else but having sex with me and then...” a harsh suck to his wrist, “you'd go insane.”
Jinki panted as Minho drew out his long fangs. The very tip of one teasing the skin on his wrist. One push of Minho's mouth and in it would go. Jinki would be on that sexual high again. He huffed with disappointment when Minho retracted his teeth and put them away. 
The vampire laid down next to Jinki, held his hand, and told him to rest for a few moments. As much as Jinki wanted to jump on top of Minho and rub himself to orgasm, he followed direction. 

A while after, Minho moved quickly off the bed and put his leather jacket back on. With a flick of his tongue Jinki was out of the bed as well. From the drawer Minho pulled out a fresh shirt for Jinki to wear home. He got dressed reluctantly and then followed when Minho led him out of the room.

They stopped at the front desk so Jinki could pay for his night.
It wasn't until they got outside did he notice how much lighter the sky had gotten. He quickly turned to Minho with the question, “How long were we in there?”
The vampire smirked with a deep chuckle before pulling a confused Jinki to him and kissing him softly. 

“When you come back here, ask for me at the front. I'll come for you.” Minho didn't answer his question. That sentence made Jinki laugh. Who said he'd be back?
But the way those black eyes stared at him, and the way those plush lips sucked on him...yes he was coming back. 

“And next time we can do so much more dear Jinki.” Minho wrapped one arm around Jinki's neck, the other groping his crotch roughly, “Next time you will give me what I want.” Jinki nodded while biting back a moan. 
Kiss me goodbye.” Minho growled. Jinki's lips were all too eager. He held on to Minho's broad shoulders as they kissed heatedly with tangled tongues. With a loud smack their mouths finally separated and Minho shoved the dazed human in to the direction of his car. 
Jinki had to take a moment to breath before actually getting in to his car and slamming his door shut. He sighed and rubbed his temples. When he glanced over at his dashboard clock he groaned. Dammit he had work in a few hours. 

The turn of his key made his small vehicle come to life. His muscle memory put the car in to drive and he pulled out of the gravel drive way before heading out onto the highway. In his rear view mirror he could see the sun beginning to barely rise on the horizon. 

He also caught sight of the all black building that got smaller and smaller as he drove away. The bright red lights continued to glow, and as he drove away all he could think about was one thing.
He didn't think about the work he had that morning. He didn't even think about the joy he'd have of telling his friends. All he thought about was how much he couldn't wait for next weekend.
~ ~ ~
The air around Minho was getting warmer every second he stood in the drive way. He wanted to watch the small car until it disappeared, but he knew he wouldn't be able to. The sun was going to rise soon and he needed to get inside.

“You like him.” a rough voice laughed from behind him. Minho rolled his black eyes and shifted around. Jonghyun had been his best friend for a long time now. Of course he could tell these things about Minho right off the bat.

“How'd you know?” he smiled. Jonghyun shrugged in a cocky way. But they both knew how the shorter vampire had figured it out. 
You see usually they were a tag team. Whenever Minho spotted some tasty human with little experience, they tag teamed them. Minho would collect them from the bar, bring them in the back, and then Jonghyun so happened to walk by and would also seduce their human. They had no problem performing a threesome. And in the morning the poor thing would pay double and they'd get paid twice as much.

But last night, he'd kept his human all to himself. Jonghyun was not sure at first if it was part of the act, the reason he'd kept advancing on Minho's feed. But then Minho had growled at him with that particular tone. He'd got the message loud and clear. 
Minho liked this one. He wanted this one all to himself. Minho was claiming this one. 
Jonghyun understood that and went away. 

“He coming back?” the brunette vampire asked. Minho nodded. The pair watched the small car drive off in to the distance a little longer. Finally with a sigh Minho kicked the plain gravel beneath their feet and retreated back in to the bar. 
Dear Jinki, he thought, my dear Jinki.

A/N: yes. I know. It sucked. but there it is.

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Exotaoooookamakazza on February 1st, 2013 07:28 am (UTC)
OMG that didn`t suck at all!!!!!! that was amazing!!!!! Awww Minho likes him! omg i hope he tell kibum and taemin and goes back to see Minho!!!
Portertrinkdufreak on February 15th, 2013 04:48 am (UTC)
T-T thank you so much!
i think he will~ or i actually imagine onew being all 0///0 "no!" lol yeah~

thank you so much for reading and commenting ^^
kpopforlifekpopforlife on February 1st, 2013 08:42 am (UTC)
I usually don't go for vampire stuff but... I think I liked this a little too much. My onthighs fetish was really really happy.
Portertrinkdufreak on February 15th, 2013 04:50 am (UTC)
dawwww thank you! glad you enjoyed!
thank you for reading and commenting ^^
Amatsukishiamatsukishi on February 1st, 2013 09:57 am (UTC)
nope not sucky at all!!!
i so love the smut like omg my mouth is watering from the joys i read xd
i want sequel!!!
ahahahaha :D
Portertrinkdufreak on February 15th, 2013 04:51 am (UTC)
wooooh smut! ahahah thank you so much for reading and commenting ^^
juuuuuuuuuudy~onhoing on February 1st, 2013 10:36 am (UTC)
Firstly, it did not SUCK bb! OMFG asdfghjkl I'm feeling all hot and tingly and extremely bothered in a good way though xD All cause of this. Kyaaaaaa! I wish there will be a sequel to this...*bricked*

So yeah bb! This is super hot and sexy and I love it sfm. Although I still love you even more than it kekekeke Thanks for sharing this :*
Portertrinkdufreak on February 15th, 2013 05:00 am (UTC)
eeeehh? sequel?? mmmmmmmmm no. ;D idk yet we shall see~ i mean if I was going to write one I'd write where onew of course goes back and finally minho...you know...yeah. and then he like marks him as HIS. and onew is like ATTACHED to him. yeah. and then minho moves to the city to a bigger vampire club. onew follows him like a boyfriend and they live in the city together. dealing with older and stronger vampires trying to get at the ONTHIGHS. minho is all NO. and great vampire sex aaaaannnd then yeah. end.

i mean, IF i was going to write a sequel that is kind of how it would go OTL.

love you too~ <333
charliebnimcharliebnim on February 1st, 2013 11:52 am (UTC)
Portertrinkdufreak on February 15th, 2013 05:05 am (UTC)
OMO DON'T DIE!!! ummm i was thinking about one but I'm not sure and and and DON'T DIE!!!

thank you for reaading and commenting ^^
♡littlemelonblue on February 1st, 2013 12:08 pm (UTC)

my second thought: fuck.

my third thought: oh my goodness.

it might be weird but “You smell delicious.” the man breathed on him, creeping closer inch by inch. this totally made me hnnngh. probably cos of the "you smell delicious" part ;A;

and holy eff minho's obsession with onthighs pls save me omf i can't my brain's a mush rn fjjdshlfsdfdlfk

and my dear jinki just. pls. i can't even. dead.

thank you ;u; *runs*

Portertrinkdufreak on February 15th, 2013 05:12 am (UTC)
omo you have so many lovely thoughts lol ^^

its not weird! its totally normal! ahahahaha! can you imagine minho saying that to you? i can. woot woot!


thank you for reading and commenting ^^
Hold me; Tease me; Kiss me; Squeeze me <3itsjustjodie on February 1st, 2013 05:45 pm (UTC)
nooo omgg this wass veryy good :D
Portertrinkdufreak on February 15th, 2013 05:13 am (UTC)
thanks jodie!!! <333
killy_blinger: Jjongkilly_blinger on February 1st, 2013 06:14 pm (UTC)
OMG this was so so good! I really like how you described "vampire Minho" here! He's so sexy dfgrdecvgfrdessdfdsasdf
You know what? This SCREAMS for a sequel! Please think about it ^^
Portertrinkdufreak on February 15th, 2013 05:14 am (UTC)
eehehehehe I will think about it! thank you so much for reading and commenting!! <333
oconjeoconje on February 2nd, 2013 08:25 am (UTC)
The only thing that sucks in this fic is Minho...sucking on Jinki...which is leaving me wanting more! Loving your vampire Onho!!!
Portertrinkdufreak on February 15th, 2013 05:15 am (UTC)
ohohoho i get it~


glad you like it~ thank you for reading and commenting!!!!!! <333
soondubujigaekibum412 on February 2nd, 2013 02:48 pm (UTC)
i'm with everyone else here, honey.
this definitely did NOT suck, and it's begging for a sequel.

it was the onthighs and the affection from minho.
the way he stood in the driveway and watched his car was so cute, and the way jinki is so intent on going back....

i reeeeeeally wanna read more in this verse.
Portertrinkdufreak on February 15th, 2013 05:17 am (UTC)
ayjayjay but it did lol.
i am contemplating a sequel, but we'll have to see~

ONTHIGHS 5EVA!! lol. I'm glad it came off that way. like minho was all sexy seducing during sexy time and then all like possesive bf afterwards. cute!! heehee

well maybe i will write more, we'll see!

thank you for reading and commenting ^^
princesslietteprincessliette on February 3rd, 2013 12:18 am (UTC)
I LURV IT GOSH ;A; i like how Minho can dominate Jinki fully and that Jinki didnt mind to submit to him ;A; i mean, i know that it's vampire thing to make human submit to them but in this case i'm sure Jinki did it because it's Minho..right right? xDDD gosh i like it a lot >__<

and i hope you'll write their 'next time' :p kekeke :D
Portertrinkdufreak on February 15th, 2013 06:02 am (UTC)
muahahaha the next time~

lol we shall see! thank you so much glad you enjoyed it ^^
xdeadfredx on February 3rd, 2013 03:51 am (UTC)
Portertrinkdufreak on February 15th, 2013 06:03 am (UTC)
just_chajust_cha on February 11th, 2013 12:28 pm (UTC)
SEquel pleaseeeeeeeee.... i want onho mooooorrrreeeeeeeeee
Portertrinkdufreak on February 15th, 2013 06:04 am (UTC)
maybeeeeee~ but thank you so much for reading and commenting ^^
Vie Sitsikily on February 11th, 2013 08:02 pm (UTC)
OMG This was amazing :) I totally agree with everybody else, so sequel pretty, pretty please? ^o^ I totally love you now for your awesome onho fics, but a sequel or chaptered version of this would kill me hehehe :) Awesome writing!!!!!! :D
Portertrinkdufreak on February 15th, 2013 06:16 am (UTC)
aawww thank you <333

uummm idk about the sequel, but omo you make me want to write one lol. but thank you so much for reading and commenting ^^
yui8_lin: Minhoyui8_lin on February 13th, 2013 04:35 am (UTC)
I have to put a spot in here because right now I can't really write properly because DAMN MINHO IS A VAMPIRE AND JONGHYUN AND BITES BITES EVERYWHERE AND MY HEART -dead-

Yes. I shall comeback!
Portertrinkdufreak on February 15th, 2013 06:19 am (UTC)
yaaayy~ lol


thank you for reading <333